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Would you like to sponsor with us?  Get in touch with us through email  so that we can give you more details in addition the information below.

To keep a child in school for a year, we need a monthly donation of 21.25 Euros per month per child. If everything remains constant, a child needs 255 Euros a year to be in school.  

The school fees include meals at school;  breakfast, and lunch. The government passed a rule child to have meals at school because some children come to school with empty stomach which affects their concentration. This is because some families cannot afford the meals, or some children live with abusive parents/guardians.

It would be nice when a person commits to sponsoring a child or children put in mind that when you choose to stop with sponsoring it will affect the chil's education if not bringing it to the end of the child’s education. It would be good if a sponsor commits to sponsor a child until he or she finishes a level of education then after she or he renew his or her commitment to sponsor the child for further. For example, if Mw. Mulder decided to sponsor a child/child from primary one it would be nice if she sponsors the child until his/her primary seven final exams this will give a clear hope of education child.

In case we have extra funds on top of that we will be able to keep our girlchild safe in school by providing her with menstruation pads for her monthly period because this is one of the challenges that keep the girl child out of school 4-5days a month making it 15days a month  out of schhool because they do not have pads to use while at school.

Contact between the sponsor and the sponsored.

When you choose to sponsor a child, we will gratefully inform you more about the child you are sponsoring by sharing more information about him or her.

You will receive two termly communication from stichting Suubi with information about the project and the child you sponsor.

These reports will be divided into two.

Term Opening. Here you will hear from us and the child after the first weeks of school on how the holiday have been the child’s term plan.

Closure: in this report we will give you the summary of the term how it had been and the child’s academic performance. 

We are also planning to have yearly or every after some years a group trip to Uganda where we invite our sponsors who can come with us visit our children in Uganda.

How do I follow about the child (Update)

The stichting coordinators will do a follow up on our children at school if necessary, also at home. We do not have a time frame of when they will be checking on them. It will be popups with the month to ensure that children attend school. Popup checks will help us not to create a time frame within the parents, schools and children of when we check this will make them expect us any time to avoid school absenteeism and child labor on farms.

We will have Stichting suubi attendance roster for every school, in this roster we make agreement with the director of studies at school to not when the child’s absence and presence daily. Our coordinator will also have a copy where he will note the same on every popup for every child. This will help us to know that children attend school not remain home. These books will act as inspector in the mind of teachers, children and parents.

We plan to have parents and teachers’ meetings conducted by our coordinators so that we able to evaluate the child’s school performance and social behaviors because both teachers and parents are partly responsible for the child’s performance in education. It will be easier to execute this while working with the parents we plan to have a yearly meeting with the community and the leaders of the society, in the meeting we will consider sensitization on child development, Child rights, and adolescents age because it is a very dangerous stage where most of the girls and boys end up being teen parents.

If finances allow us, we would like to have a yearly camp for Suubi children, for example taking them to a recreation center, sensitizing them on puberty, sex education, career guidance, self-belief and confidence, exposure to better society to create ambitiousness and many more. By doing this we will have a chance to know more about our children and motivating them to see themselves being a suubi family with hope and focus.

With the above measures we believe that we will be able to reduce on Single mothers, Teenage pregnancies, Teenage marriages, Child labor and school dropouts, hence creating an independent society.